GreenXity is the next generation ECO social platform, adopting a Cloud-in-Cloud architecture. Powered by Cyberport’s Cloud Platform, GreenXity embraces ECO focused services including:

  • ECO Games Cloud (Visit, login required)
  • ECO E-commerce Cloud (Visit)
  • ECO Social Cloud (Visit)
  • Green Transport Cloud

This platform is a vertical integration of all ECO related solutions from professional to laymen uses. GreenXity also creates a unique one-stop shopping, social entertainment and learning experience for global users enabled by our carbon footprint analytics and 3D virtual world stimulation game engine. It makes ECO life become easier, cheaper, more fun and with peace of mind.


GreenXity aims to connect people who care for the environment, and making green lifestyle becomes:

  • Convenient: Integrate all sorts of eco-products, take in everything at a glance
  • Affordable: Purchase quality eco-products at a comparably lower prices
  • Entertaining: Connect and share green information, photos and your insights with eco-friends anywhere and anytime
  • Reliable: Platform is maintained by professional management team, providing real-time and reliable information

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