Carbon Raider 2014

Carbon Raider 2014 at The Lab Knowledge Capital Japan

One Step Closer to Low Carbon Living

Carbon Raider 2014 is a computer game developed by XNT aiming to integrate exercise with environmental education. You can enjoy the fun of biking indoor without being affected by the weather, while learning the importance of energy saving. There are 4 levels in the game where you, playing as the Plugman, have to bike as fast as possible at each check-point to charge up and turn on the lights for the city!

The SOONER you finish the mission, the
STRONGER you are in making the city green!

carbon raider in Osaka
Celebrating the commissioning of Carbon Raider at The Lab, Knowledge Capital, Japan

If your organization is interested in adopting Carbon Raider 2014 to promote environmental protection and education, please contact us.