XNT @24th HK Joint School Electronics and Computer Exhibition

‘Lion Dance’ is the first Kinetic game in the world related to Lion Dance. Generous help and support from YMCA, Master Kwok and Cyperport all contribute to the successful invention of this game. Different from other games, in which the target players are normal teenagers and children, ‘Happy Lion Dance’ considers the needs of the Elderly and the Mentally Retarded. Thus the game is easy to learn and fun to play.

In this game, players will learn the motion of Lion Dance in scenery, which is full of Chinese culture. Supported by Kinect, which is developed by Microsoft, players will gain scores depending on how similar their movement is to the motion of the Lion. As the game instruction of ‘Happy Lion Dance’ is pretty easy, it is suitable for Elderly and the Mentally Retarded to enjoy the game. The movement and motion of the Lion Dance are all developed by Master Kwok. Players can have great fun while exercising their bodies. Most importantly, players can learn more about Chinese culture and the traditional ‘Lion’ in our Chinese art.