XNT exhibiting at 第三屆西部動漫節




297346_270818449606118_1208005795_nScore high and be the Head Chef!

Chef Apprentices are learning how to cook at Chinese Cooking Academy.
Some apprentices are talented and have food nicely cooked. Their dishes look very nice! Leave them alone!
Some apprentices are NOT so talented, or may be not serious enough. They have spoiled the food! Their dishes look really bad! What you have to do is to alert them by tapping on their heads.
Good luck!

爽滑小子跟一眾趣致又可愛的美食好朋友, 一起到中華廚藝學院學習源遠流長的中華廚藝! 可是, 反鬥又調皮的美食小子們, 烏龍百出,盡幹一些鬼馬頑皮的事, 更做出不少令人慘不忍睹的古怪菜式, 把葫小糖老師快要氣瘋了! 可是葫小糖也不是等閒之輩,以苦練多年的飛刀絶技教訓他們, 一時間刀光劍影, 菜刀漫天! 甚至乎連傳說中的「魚腸劍」、「赤焰刀」亦紛紛出籠, 把一眾美食小子,整治得貼貼服服!
大家齊來一起參與, 葫小糖老師那瘋狂又好玩的烹飪課程吧!

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