image XNT exhibiting @ Filmart 2011




Feed4Life’s story is about a young lad from Earth that had survived catastrophe and now needed to pay for wasting food in the past.

After catastrophe, most places were deserted and food became very rare and precious. So when Ar Gold found food, he did not hesitate and jumped straight in. A Stone Axe pop up from the food and declared Ar Gold’s survival game begins. In limited time and against interfering obstacles, players need to distribute food precisely to 4 animals in different position – Fusi(Monkey), Orso (Bear), Othniel (Lion), Darcy (Cow). If you cannot finish in time, you will end up in the animals’ stomach!

Feed4life can test player’s reflex and short time memory, there is 48 stages and 3 different game mode. Each game mode have different challenges testing player’s skill and player need to first clear the Challenge mode to unlock other game modes. With all these different challenges, we ensure you a unique experience. Play Feed4Life now and experience with many others a fun, exciting and challenging game.